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Energy Labelling of windows

The energy labeling of products (CLASSE+) is a voluntary system of labeling and classification of products, designed to allow the end user to compare their energy efficiency and their reflection in the energy consumption. This system, which focuses primarily on products not covered by the Directive on energy labeling, qualify the product on a scale of "F" (least efficient) to "A+" (most efficient). The first product of CLASSE+, in Portugal, was the window.

Created by ANFAJE in partnership with ADENE and ITeCons Coimbra, the energy label for windows is to improve the information available to the end user, making it easy to compare and choose the most efficient products energy standpoint. It should also encourage the development of innovative products of the highest quality.

The energy label window provides intense marketing campaigns nationally among potential consumers and end users, which disclose the benefits of efficient windows and evaluate the window as an indispensable product for thermal comfort and improved energy efficiency buildings.

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